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At a Glance

Costa is Proud to Bring Off-Site Exchanger Bundle Cleaning to South Texas!
Times are changing in the Refinery Industry. Too much time and money is being spent keeping up with Environmental issues. 
Refineries are expanding and taking advantage of our great economy in recent years and cleaning pads are impeding space for expansion.
Many Refiners have opted to send exchangers off-site for cleaning. This eliminates
on-site permitting, safety concerns and down time.

Costa Industrial Services will clean your exchanger bundles off site.

Your Bundles will be transported to our facility located at 450 Industrial Blvd. in Robstown, Texas on engineered trailers equipped with drip pans to contain any liquids and will be completely covered keeping the bundles out of the elements and out of sight.

Costa employees are HAZMAT trained and qualified in Costa's Bundle Cleaning Procedures and Costa Safety Procedures.

The waste will be sent 10 minutes away to US Ecology for disposal or as directed by you.

Our people are our success.

Guage our Performance by our SAFETY Record.

No job is too big or too small

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COSTA Industrial Services, LLC
450 Industrial Blvd.
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Phone: 361.752.4099
Fax: 361.752.4099
Email: info@costa-industrial.com